Friday, July 23, 2004

Perfect timing...

So of course the day I launch this blog, we get news from /. about the INDUCE act. In a nutshell, DrDreff's PVR Project could be illegal before it is completed. Thankfully the EFF has provided a handy form you can use to write your senator.

I've never been a fan of Orin Hatch or his whacked out constituancy but if this passes, all PVRs could be considered an inducement.

That's an over simplification, but they do fall into the category of devices that the RIAA, MPAA and broadcasters want to eliminate.

Dramatic First Post and Mission Statement

Oh the drama of a new blog... This page will be dedicated to describing the technical ins and outs of building a Personal Video Recorder from scratch. I'll be building it from off the shelf hardware, and (mostly) Open Source software.

To make this project different, I'll be working to create a user interface for the PVR uisng Laszlo Systems' LZX Language. This will require a different layer of software to be used for the UI than the other PVR packages out there.

Exciting Isn't it!?

So in the next few days I'll be pricing hardware, begging for donations, gathering information and sharing my findings with both my readers. The end result will be a working PVR and a how-to for other hackers and tweakers to build their own Laszlo PVR.