Wednesday, September 01, 2004

P2P as Timeshifter

I'm Still finishing up some final bits on the current PVR design, the only thing that isn't 100% yet is recording programs. Some funny issue with channels and schedules, but that's another conversation...

Anyway, while I'm still working on the PVR I'm using P2P as my timeshifting technology.

Last night Dat Phan was on Last Comic Standing and I'm particularly interested in Dat because my broncle* is writing for him.

That gives him the funny (even for a comic) job description of "Reality TV Writer"

At any rate, I watched LCS last night but didn't record it. I even saw the commercials so I'm not stealing. This morning I was able to pull a copy off the net so that others may get to see the routine as well.

Thankfully the Grokster case was won by the right people and we may yet get to continue this fair use. Now I need to get an HDTV card to make sure that I'm able to do this once the broadcast flag goes into effect.

Question for NBC: Would you choose a broadcast standard that didn't work on millions of TVs? Don't mention HDTV because that is an emerging standard. I'm referring to the ability to watch videos online with something other than Windows Media Player 9.

*broncle: Uncle raised as a brother, makes me his nefrother.