Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bits and Pieces : Overview

So I need to start collecting data on what to buy or ask for from people. I'll builld this according to the instructs on Installing and using MythTV: Checking prerequisites.
  1. Fully configured Motherboard
    • CPU
      • I'm partial to AMD because of the price/performce ratio
    • Memory
      • I have a 512MB PC2100 DIMM
    • HDD Controller
      • SATA Is preferred, but ATA 133/66 would be fine
    • Audio
      • ALSA Compatible is important
      • Chassis needs to be considered. If we go with a larger chassis, we can add a sound card
    • NIC
      • 10/100/1000 is overkill but if I can get it...
    • FireWire
      • overkill but nice
    • USB 2.0
      • Very required
    • IR
      • of course
  2. Video Capture
    • A crappy bttv card would suffice, would rather have an encoder in there
  3. Video Display
    • SVideo out and composite out would be required. VGA comes free
  4. HDD
    • Bigger and faster are always better
  5. Optical Drive
    • DVD-RW is best but a CD-RW and a separate DVD would serve.
  6. Media Reader
    • Always need to dump digital photos
  7. Remote Control
    • it's a PVR not a computer hooked up to a TV
  8. Living-Room Chassis
    • Something to sit next to a PS/2
So that covers the basic set of hardware required to build this puppy. Next time I'll come to choosing something...


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